Deciding to start a nonprofit business can be intimidating and somewhat scary, especially if you are totally clueless of the process. Add to that the frustration of spending countless hours, expense and deciphering the sheer number of decisions to make about steps, scope of work and which processes to map can be paralyzing.


In an effort to remove every frustration, feelings of uncertainty and hesitation, I have created a QuickStart Program that consists of a flat-rate, 4-week implementation that can get your nonprofit started. It’s called a Quick Start and, as the name implies, it’s a service designed to get your organization up and running quickly!


This QuickStart will give you a solid foundation to jumpstart your strategic planning process.


What the QuickStart Includes


The QuickStart is set up to be an efficient nonprofit startup program. It prioritizes structure, paperwork, board leadership, community awareness and partners, and funding potential and is fixed at four weeks implementation time.


This includes two 1-on-1 consults, target audience discovery, program design, relevant data import of your organizations and community contacts, paperwork review, budget overview, fundraising potential and a full library of the Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP) training videos. It is a $5000 flat fee, all-inclusive.


What’s Not Included

Because the QuickStart is a short, efficient nonprofit implementation package, it does not cover grantwriting services (you will get an idea of potential grant funding only), outreach/marketing, website design or donor letter writing.


Also due to restricted time, some activities, such as budget oversight, special events and sponsorship research are also excluded.


Who It’s For

All sizes of nonprofit will find the QuickStart valuable if they want to start with a strong foundation of knowledge and next steps. This is an ideal option for those who have dreaming of starting a nonprofit, but have found the process overwhelming.


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